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And suddenly, just like that, Part 07 is here! At only five months after the completion of Part 06, this release timeline takes me back to the old, old days. Of course, a lot more work goes into each Part these days, so this was only possible because of Part 07's quirky nature. If you haven't seen it yet, reading on may be a considered a spoiler!

While Part 06 was in extended Development Hell, I started thinking ahead to how much there still was to go, and I wondered if I could speed up the process at all. That's when I hit upon the idea of doing a Part in 2D sketchy style. Ironically, one of the reasons I initially made the comic using 3D was that it gave me the ability to make a model and then pose and render it infinitely, rather than having to draw by hand the same characters over and over again with each new panel. But as time has passed, I can sketch much faster, so the 3D posing, scene setup, lighting, and rendering, is actually much slower these days. Go figure.

Anyway, this deviation in style allowed me to progress things (temporarily) faster, and Part 07 really was the perfect time to do it. Since most of it was just Trigger and Juno through room after room and hall after hall of The Main Gate, there wasn't a whole lot lost by skipping out on the full 3D experience.

3D Reaverbot Karubun

I'm happy to report that progress the past few days has been awesome! Part 07 is really coming together nicely, and more importantly, swiftly!

I would love to share a little preview of how it's been going, but that would totally give away what makes the next Part quirky (as mentioned in the last update), so I'll just settle for a reaverbot-model-in-progress shot instead.


Happy 20th AT Anniversary! I put in some good hours yesterday and a few today—and no this wasn't my first time touching AT since September. The beginning of Part 07 is taking shape! I don't have any image to share, but here are a couple of tidbits.

One, when Part 06 was finally finished up, my bro Blyka commented that it was a shame how much work goes into these pages for them to only be little 750x1000 pixel images. He's quite right, so I've remade the page template and the logo in higher quality. Going forward, Alternate Trigger will be of proper 300dpi print quality, essentially triple the image size of pages thus far. Ought to look good!

Two, this next Part is going to be quirky. In a fun way, I think, but just so you know...


A few pesky parts of the new site still needed tweaking, and are now tweaked. The biggest and most fun is that all AT wallpapers have been upgraded from their old small sizes to a more modern 1920x1080 standard, and I even threw in a couple of new ones while I was at it.


Well lookie there, the site has been completely overhauled! And what occasions such treatment? Well, Alternate Trigger is finally moving forward again!

2023 has been a very active year for me in regards to buckling down on tasks and projects that have been sitting on my to-do list for way too long, and at last AT's turn came around. It wasn't easy jumping back into it, but jump I did. It began on September 3rd, a single day that saw more progress on the comic than has been seen in the past 8 years! Naturally that amazing ratio couldn't continue, but it was a powerful start and fired me up to keep going and going with every spare minute I could find over the next week.

And now, the remaining three pages of Part 06 are here!


Another year, another panel filled in.


Another year, another panel filled in.


Hey, I didn't forget to put in my token anniversary effort this year! Continuing at this pace, I calculate this comic will reach completion in the year 2175.

Angry Teisel

One month ago today was another Alternate Trigger anniversary... and the only thing significant about it was that I actually forgot about it this time around. Never crossed my mind. That doesn't exactly speak well for the project's future, though it's been a long time since anything has.


Many times this year I had very good intentions of putting some serious time into this comic, but something always came up... But I did put in a bit of obligatory work today, which included fixing the images being broken on the site. I wonder how long they'd been that way, and if anyone even noticed, and if they did, if they cared.

Airship with headlights

Alternate Trigger's anniversary again, already? Of course I wouldn't miss it. Added the airship to the Main Gate scene and set up the first render, and inserted that into the comic itself. Was hoping to find time for more, but I should have known better than that.


Today I put together the entire area around the Main Gate, with walls and trees all positioned and to scale. Then I realized there might be a possibility that some shots would have tall buildings in the Old City visible over the walls, so I quickly made some distant rooftop pieces for that.

Old City

Good progress today. I rendered a panel, inserted three panels into the upcoming page along with their text, and modeled the Main Gate for use in the upcoming scene.

3D Render of MML Dog, Paprika

Must... finish... this... comic...

While I'm still young enough to remember how to use Corel Dream 3D... While said antiquated program still works with current operating systems... While the few people who might still be interested in seeing the conclusion are still around...

To that end, I modeled Paprika today. He'll only be making a brief appearance, hence the lack of perfection.


Annual obligatory update. Have a look at an upcoming panel and some of the lighting and shadow tweaking that goes with each scene.

Roll and Barrell

You know, I do believe I let another year pass without getting around to working on this project... But, here I am again for another December 6th, coming through on the promise of an update for anyone out there who still bothers to vaguely wonder if the comic has made or will ever make any progress at all.

So what's new today? I set aside a portion of my day to storyboard the upcoming page, page 30. I don't think I've ever mentioned it before, but this is something I've done for many of the pages starting from Part 04. I'll sort of scribble vague impressions of what I want the panels to look like so I can plan what 3D renders I'll need for the page, and I put in abbreviated text notes that map out what the characters will say, including any intended jokes. So there you have it, nothing to look at yet, but one small step forward nonetheless. Keep believing and maybe I'll actually finish this comic someday!

3D Marlwolf

Though it be long-neglected, Alternate Trigger is never forgotten! No matter how dead things are, this (the comic's birthday) is pretty much the one day a year you can count on an update. I know it isn't much for the long wait time, but have a little preview of a model in progress.


Alternate Trigger is detaching itself from The Main Gate. That means updates (those once in a blue moon things that happen) will be here on the AT site from now on.

Prior to this point, Alternate Trigger was part of The Main Gate, a collective hub of smallish MML fan sites. The updates below were originally posted on TMG, and moved here when TMG closed down.

Before AT became a drawn-out, archaic project lingering on from an era of Legends fandom long since past, back in the days when it was all the rage, people would often ask me to release pages as they were ready rather than wait for a full Part's completion. I would tell them that all the necessary model making came first, and then the pages all came together more or less in the same, brief timespan.

As it happens, there's a bit of deviation from the norm going on now. For AT's birthday I've managed to complete two new pages well ahead of the rest of Part 06, and so I've uploaded them for the occasion! Enjoy.


Barrell model is ready to go!

Barrell Casket

Long time, no update as usual. Wouldn't want me to break tradition by posting frequently, now would you? Well anyway, I mapped out a page and started working on a new character model today for Part 06. As you can see, it's none other than Barrell Caskett!

I must say, it was a strange experience going back to Corel Dream 3D after learning to model in Blender. So... limiting. But, if I want the comic to remain consistent in style then I must endure.


I never officially announced it, but after Part 05 came out it was my intention to work hard and get new parts out faster, hoping to keep up with Legends 3's development at the time. Well, the next month went to Christmas and the next three to an unanticipated revamp of Legends Station. So, AT was pushed aside yet again and 2011 will pass without another part. My apologies.

I couldn't possibly let the whole year go by with absolutely nothing though, so I've got a new While We're Waiting page up for show. More importantly, I've finally filled in some of the Gallery! Five characters, five reaverbots, and three vehicles are now on display with high quality art and animations, plus some commentary on each piece. I hope you enjoy.


Today's the day, Part 05 is now out in its entirety! If you've been keeping an eye on the day by day page updates, surprise! Today you get to finish up the Part with two additional pages. And of course, if you haven't been watching on a daily basis, then you get it all in one big seven-page whammy!

As always, I want to thank all the fans for their incredible patience. I've said before that Part 05's events were originally planned for Part 04, and way back then I had a pretty action-packed sequence of events in mind for it. With the passage of time and Legends 3's announcement, I made more and more changes to my plans for how this part should play out and in the end it's probably even more different from my original vision than I realize, but better I think. I was able to retain a good deal of action while hastening the story's progression somewhat, and I added in more humor, which needless to say is an important part of AT. In short, I'm pleased with how Part 05 turned out and I hope all of you are too!


Part 05's fifth page is up!


Part 05's fourth page is up!


Part 05's third page is up!


Part 05's second page is up!


On December 6th, 2003 Alternate Trigger made its humble debut into the Legends community. To celebrate the date I wanted to make a point of getting Part 05 out by the 6th this month. I still have a bit of work left to do on it, but I'm happy to report that it will be ready by then. But why not spice things up a bit?

Starting today, I will be posting a new page of AT each day, ending on the 6th! If you'd rather wait and read it all at once it'll all be up in five more days, but if you'd like to see it unfold day by day then get going, the first page of Part 05 is already waiting for you!


Anyone remember those little "while we're waiting" bits that I made to help bridge the long gap between Part 03 and 04? I've done a new one, here.


Roll finally has feet! Long time fans will understand the significance.


Happy 10 Years of Waiting for a Sequel Day! Earlier this month I was aiming at this date for the release of Part 05, and I was making fantastic progress there for a while. Life has dealt me some low blows lately though, so things came to a saddening halt. I do have three completed pages however, and hope to get back on it soon. Thought some of you out there might appreciate a status update.


It's been a while since I had done any Alternate Trigger but I've made some good progress the past two days, finishing up the first page of Part 05!


Alternate Trigger turned 5 years old today. I have nothing to celebrate the occasion with, but I made a point of working on it for a few hours. This year got off to a good start for AT, but I'm sorry I couldn't make it a two-Part year.


This feeling... it's the satisfaction of finally delivering on a promise made years ago.

I'd like to thank all of you out there who never gave up hope that AT Part 04 really was coming. To the more skeptical, I don't blame you a bit after having to wait over 4 years for the comic's revival. Now, everyone, please go and enjoy an all new Alternate Trigger site, and a Part 04 that I hope will live up to the expectations!

Some additional comments for those still reading this. Part 04 was originally going to be an all-out battle with the Bonnes on Kattelox. As you'll soon see, things sort of took their own pace and the bulk of the battling has been moved to Part 05's upcoming events. It may therefore seem like this is a disappointing, filler Part, but those who take the time to notice will surely appreciate all the extra effort that went into it. In fact, I encourage everyone to read Parts 01-03 again to refresh their memories and then see what a step up Part 04 has taken.


I should have known better than to set a deadline, even a rough estimate of a deadline. As it turned out, I had no time whatsoever to work on AltTrig over the holidays, and in fact I did not get back to work on it till mid-January.

Progress has been rushing forth at full speed since then, but there have been a few setbacks in the form of new ideas evolving as the creative process unfolds. These new ideas require new models in some cases, thus the delay. Hopefully this only means that Part 04 will be all that much better.


I hope some of you out there have been enjoying the semi-frequent progression of updates and are looking forward to the long-awaited Part 04.

Today is the day Alternate Trigger turns 5 years old, and I'm sorry to say that my attempts to get Part 04 out by now came close but not close enough.

As the deadline approached I calculated that I might be able to make it if I worked feverishly every minute I could spare, but after all these years I decided that I'd rather take my time and release it a year from now than rush the finished product. Fortunately it won't take a year, that I can guarantee. If I'm able to put some decent hours in this month (darn the unpredictable holiday season), I think mid-to-late-January is a reasonable goal to shoot for.


Some of you may recall my excitement over finally finishing the Tron Bonne model a while back. Well today another long-time-in-the-works model of massive proportions has been completed! Please look forward seeing the Kattelox Downtown in its full glory soon. Alternate Trigger Part 04 is finally beginning to feel close!

Mega Man Legends City Hall

One more model completed today, and a big one at that! I'm in a rather divulgatory mood, so I thought I'd share a little picture of said model.


It took a full day, but I've completed another model, a Bonne machine to be more specific! I won't say which because I don't want to go giving away everything that's coming in Part 04. But another model is another model nonetheless.


Updating when there's something new to show is great, but I've been thinking lately that it might be nice to also post reports merely regarding progress whenever it might be made.

To that end I am very pleased to announce a pretty major breakthrough of sorts today. Among the many models needed for Alternate Trigger Part 04, Tron Bonne's has been an ongoing, off-and-on effort for years now. With great satisfaction I completed it today!

I'm sure nobody can understand what a relief it is to have her model out of the way, but everyone can appreciate the fact that it means AT04 is one step closer to reality.


Things are still generally on hold around here, but I figured it couldn't hurt to pop in and say how everything's going. Yesterday was a big day for Legends Station, which means one major step has been taken toward freeing up my time for The Main Gate! I'm really looking forward to being able to devote my time to this and its sub-sites once again. I have a lot of things in store, many a plan in the works. There are some points I want to restructure, new directions to take for some aspects, and of course just new content that I can't wait to finish and deliver... I may even have something in the works that could fill in one of those nasty question marks above.

All for the future though, so just keep on bearing with me! For now, there's a new picture added to the "While We're Waiting" page on Alternate Trigger. Enjoy.


Knowing very well how frustrating it is to have to wait long expanses of time between each new Part of Alternate Trigger, I thought it might be fun to start a "While We're Waiting" section. This new bit will hopefully provide some small enjoyment while you wait, and possibly also give you glimpses of how progress is coming along.


"If all goes well, things will pick up greatly on this project, with new Parts added at a more regular pace!"

Yeah right, that'll be the day. Sadly, it's been about 7 months since Part 03 of Alternate Trigger was released, and we are just now bringing out the "Director's Cut" version of it that was promised way back when. However, with that now out of the way and Part 03 completely squared away, serious work on Part 04 can finally begin! Enjoy the changes to Part 03!


The 3D MML comic recently turned a year old. If all goes well, things will pick up greatly on this project, with new Parts added at a more regular pace!


At last, the day you've all been waiting for! I really had to bust butt on this, but at last I am pleased to bring you Alternate Trigger Part 03! What I had originally imagined would be a "filler" Part so to speak ended up being longer than either of the first two Parts, and is without a doubt the most technically difficult and visually appealing Part by far! And so, I hope you enjoy it! If you're a member of the MMLS/TMG Forums, please be sure to drop by and give your opinions on the latest addition.


The fans are lighting torches and grabbing up their pitch forks! The cries come from all corners of the globe: "Where is Alternate Trigger Part 03?!" Well, by now I doubt anyone will believe me if I say it's on its way, so I'm gonna have to give you some proof. Over at Alternate Trigger you can now find a teaser page for Part 03. Basically, it's Page 10 of the comic but with 90% of it whited out, but I assure you that the rest of the page is in existence, and the rest of the Part will be as well. Have patience.


The question has begun to come at me in quantity: When is the next part of Alternate Trigger going to be ready? Well, even though life has me by the throat for now, I'm going to try and get a little bit done each day, starting today. Prior to this however, progress on Part 03 was already going well, with many new 3D models created and in the works. Hope you'll be looking forward to it. For the time being, I have added an Alternate Trigger Wallpapers section. Enjoy.


Alternate Trigger is coming along very nicely. Several 3D character models have been created in preparation for Part 03, and the making of the models is more than half the work in itself!


Yes indeed, the 3D Mega Man Legends comic that became an instant smash hit in the Legends community! It's old, tiny site has been rebuilt and added to The Main Gate. With this comes the long-awaited Part 02 of the comic, and the even better news is that being part of an actual site now, Alternate Trigger will take more priority and new Parts should be added more frequently!


I have decided that Halcyon Days and Alternate Trigger will be the two debut sites for The Main Gate's more official launch. Thus I spent a great deal of today on making an entire page of Alternate Trigger.

The update below is from the days before Alternate Trigger had an official place on the web, so was originally posted on the Megaman Legends Universe message boards where the idea for the comic was born.

Okay everyone, here it is!!! I have worked very hard on this, and a lot of that work will not be fully appreciated until later on when more of this project is revealed (you'll see what I mean). So just what is Alternate Trigger? It is my project, my creation, and something unlike anything I've ever seen before. Just click the link to see for yourself!

Once you've had a look through it, please be sure to tell me what you think, give me your impressions, etc. Remember this is just Part 01, which of course has to have all that introduction type stuff, so I assure you it will get even better in later installments!